Who’s more beautiful? A male peacock or a peahen?

Most of the people, whom I asked this question said that peacocks are obviously more beautiful. With it’s bright and vibrant feathers and shining blue neck the peacock is sometimes consisted as one of the most beautiful creature in the animal kingdom. Let’s keep it here, we’ll bring this point further in the article.

Hello everyone, welcome to the Thinking Bat blog. Today we are going to talk about why men are more funny than women, the evolutionary psychology behind it and the recent research evidences that supports this popular opinion.

Before you label me as a stereotypical sexist, try to read this article till the end. I have mentioned scientific reasons to explain my opinion in the most humble way. Just the way you think a book should not be judged by it’s cover, don’t judge this blog by reading the title only.

In this blog, I will explain my opinion in two parts. One talking about how centuries of evolution have shaped men to be funnier than women and in the second focused on the recent psychological findings.

Evolutionary Contributions

Before starting off let’s do a small comparison between the aesthetic features of male and female counterparts of different species, like we did in the beginningof the blog with Peacock and Peahen.

Who is more attractive now? A few of you might say the lioness, but most of the people I asked this question were clearly on the side of lion. With its huge furry hairs, a lion looks magnificent, while the lioness has no such aesthetic features that make her presence more felt.

Same applies to chickens, swamp deers, blackbucks. Roosters are more beautiful than hens, male swamp deers and blackbucks have horns while their female counterparts don’t.

Let’s cut the crap here, you might be wondering what am I trying to conclude here. What I want to surmise is that almost all mammals and birds are equally gender-dimorphic, with highly polygamous species behaving more clearly, known as sexual selection. Males of these species usually have bright colors or prominent features, while females have softer features.

If males are more beautiful and attractive, they can attract the opposite sex and get the right to mate. Some prominent features, such as bristles, horns, feathers, etc., have a great influence on their status. Some of them, of course, compete by physical prowess and dueling, dancing, and singing.

We can conclude here that men play the part of seduction and attraction. Women don’t initiate, they wait for the males to make the first move. And if you think I’m being stereotypical, then please no, I’m not. Almost all of the animal kingdom works that way, and humans are nothing but animals. Yet we are the smartest creatures on the entire globe, which is why things are changing the way they were, and I’m happy about that as well.

Now we know that males in other species have aesthetic specifically to attract females, to lure them for sexual intercourse. But we are ignoring a very important animal that has no such aesthetic distinction among it’s male and female counterparts. In fact in that animal’s case, females are actually more attractive. That animal, dear intellectuals, is Human.

You see how men don’t have horns or feathers or bushy hairs like a lion all over our neck. So what do men have to attract the female? You guessed it right, Sense of humour is our horns and feathers, exactly how machoism and bravery used to be in earlier times, which still plays a huge role even now.

You all know that women find funny men more attractive, men who are confident and have a witty sense of humor. Men being funny is an evolutionary thing.

That means that over our evolutionary history, men likely had to compete harder with other men to impress women with their sense of humour.

Now that being said, I don’t agree that all men are funny than all women, some women are indeed more funny than some men. But in general, men are more funny. It’s our way to attract you girls, we’re all hungry for sex and sense of humor is just a means to an end. You don’t have to feel offended, the next time a men ridicule you to be not funny.

Men are funny because women are more attractive.

Don’t forget to use this line, for those men.

Recent Psychological Findings

Researchers from Aberystwyth University and the University of North Carolina analysed 28 studies which looked at how funny around 5,000 people were.

They looked at the results of various studies in which people were asked to rate men and women's humour - without knowing their sex first.

Researchers found that 63% of men were funnier than the average woman. The study looked at normal people rather than professional comedians.

That being said, the stereotype does exists, and there is some legitimacy behind this stereotype. Yet, again it’s not true in every case and should not be used as an insult to women, rather an appreciation of the captivating feminity of women.

I hope this wasn’t offending for you as a women and as a men you understand that you’re funny because women are attractive.

-Harsh Singh

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