Procrastination to Productivity

Superhuman toolkit to deal with the devil of procrastination.

Understanding Procrastination

To solve a problem, it’s necessary to understand it.

Psychological Dynamics

We think laziness is at the root of procrastination and it’s merely a lack of motivation that makes us procrastinate. But that ain’t the case.

The Eisenhower Matrix

One of the most impactful tool to manage time like a metahuman was proposed by Stephen Covey. It is a little diagram that I think holds the key to many questions. It’s called the Eisenhower Matrix:

  • Ex: Submitting an assignment before the allotted deadline.
  • If it’s an important task but not urgent then create your deadline and stick to it. An example of such a task would be having a tough conversation with someone (breaking up with a toxic partner, proposing someone you have a crush on, firing an employee who isn’t performing well) or it can be some personal changes that you want to bring upon or maybe a new habit.
  • If it’s an urgent task but it’s not important, ask someone else to do it. Don’t do things you consider unimportant. Get someone else to do it. Save your time and spend it on the tasks of Q1 and Q2.
  • The tasks in the fourth quadrant are usually time-sucking vampires. Most of the fun activities fall in this category, so it’d be outright stupid to not doing them. Do them when you’re done with your Q1 tasks to restore your energy.

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